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Afghan Whigs - Podcast | Do the Beast, Killer New Heights

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Greg Dulli, frontman of Afghan Whigs chats about their album Do the Beast, performing with Usher, working without Rick McCollum, what brought them to killer new heights, and more.

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Story behind the Greg Dulli Podcast:

Though The Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli long denied that the powerful rock band would ever reunite in an official capacity, long time Whigs fans kept fingers crossed, holding out hope that Dulli’s occasional gigs with John Curley would spark a full blow reunion for the former-Cincinnati outfit. What fans didn’t know, was that Dulli was bonding behind closed doors with Whigs guitarist Rick McCollum during the Twilight Singers 2011 spring tour, and that the seed of reuniting the band was taking roots. In November 2011, the three convened for several days in New Orleans, conjuring an old black magic that had been kept under wraps for years.

Do The Beast marks the triumphant return of the band to both their onetime label SubPop, and recording in an official capacity. Although Rick McCollum is absent, and details surrounding his departure are sketchy, Afghan Whigs unleash and deploy their arsenal of aural dark drama and suspense in ways that only a troupe with years of unrelenting practice in pop vitriol can, leaving fans satiated and satisfied.

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