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Lazer/Wulf - Podcast | The Beast Of Left And Right

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Bryan Aiken of Lazer/Wulf chats about their album The Beast of Left and Right, their label, differences of touring in Europe, influences of science fiction, wearing t-shirts, a crazy Lady Gaga encounter, and more.

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Links Mentioned in the Sound Check Chat Podcast with Lazer/Wulf :

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Here are the links to everything mentioned in the Sound Check Chat podcast interview with Bryan Aiken of Lazer/Wulf:

Story behind the Bryan Aiken Podcast:

To say Georgia-based prog-metal trio Lazer/Wulf are ambitious is an understatement. Their 2014 release, The Beast Of Left And Right, is absolutely insane. Guitarist Bryan Aiken, bassist Sean Peiffer, and drummer Brad Rice constructed an entire, full-length work of technical yet melodic metal that forms a palindrome. The band has intricately, imaginatively reversed and synched riffs, lyrics, and other elements of each song before synching them up to their mirror-image counterparts. The Beast Of Left And Right pushes the band into brain-twisting new territory as songwriters and instrumentalists.

It’s also an ass-kicking record that is listenable and enjoyable. It’s no surprise then that Kylesa and their label Retro Futurist picked up the band to release the record. And they’ve been road warriors, touring in support of the record both before and after its release.

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