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Violent J - ICP Aaron Spencer Benefit Concert Podcast

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Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse (ICP) joins us by phone to chat about the Aaron Spencer Benefit Concert in Dayton, Ohio to help a fallen juggalo. Violent J discusses Aaron's impact, the show, and ICP's persistent charity mission, which often clashes with media's view of one of music's most notorious, hated, and feared groups.

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Links Mentioned in the Sound Check Chat Podcast with Violent J

Here are the links to everything mentioned in the March 15th, 2014 Sound Check Chat podcast interview with Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse about the Aaron Spencer Benefit Concert.

Story behind the Violent J Podcast

In December 2013, Aaron Spencer left work early because he wasn’t feeling well. By the time he made it to the steps of his upstairs apartment, his body wouldn’t allow him to climb them. A call to 911 and the resulting trip to the hospital ended in devastating news. Spencer’s liver was operating at 20 percent capacity and failing rapidly. Doctors told Spencer and his fiancee Carmen that his chances of living until Christmas were grim.

Recognizing his homie’s deep seeded love for ICP and their compatriots, Phillip Rindler took to Faygoluvers, an online fan forum, sharing the story of his friend’s brave fight and failing health. Robert Bruce, a rapper and professional wrestler more commonly known by his stage name Jumpsteady, and also the older brother of ICP’s Violent J, caught wind of the post and on December 27, Robert Bruce and Joe Bruce (aka Violent J) showed up in Troy, Ohio to meet Spencer. During the visit, Violent J extended an offer to participate in a benefit show that would help with Spencer and his family’s mounting medical expenses. Unfortunately, the benefit has grown to include funeral expenses for Spencer, who passed January 15, 2014.

Rindler quickly located a venue, Dayton’s RockStar Pro Arena, and on Saturday, March 15, the wicked clowns perform with all proceeds from the show going to the Spencer family to assist with medical and funeral expenses. Also performing will be Psychopathic Records’ Big Hoodoo Johnson’s group Menace 2 Sobriety and Rindler’s From Silence to Violence. Tickets for the event went on sale on February 5 and quickly sold out.

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